About Us

There are lots of IT firms out there. Why should you choose Dowling Data Consulting? Here are some exceptional things we do to serve our clients:

  • Develop software that is clean and simple to use
  • Communicate well with our clients, and actually listen to them
  • We are more concerned about what you want than how we think it should be
  • Follow through on our promises, even at personal expense
  • Get projects done (and done right!)
  • Expertly design and manage every project
  • Enjoy what we do and take pride in it
  • Excel at: communicating; solving problems; teaching; designing logical, user-friendly systems
  • Have been doing it for a long time (since 1992)
  • Hundreds of satisfied clients over the years
  • Our clients keep calling us year after year

We want to help you make your software development project a success. We want your business to be more profitable as a direct result of the good advice we offer you. Contact us today and let's talk about how you can leverage the power of information technology to take your business to the next level.